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  • About “Cheese” CBD Hemp Flower

Cheese CBD hemp flower is another indica-dominant strain that was originally developed in the United Kingdom and is a phenotype of Skunk #1 – a cross between Afghanistan (indica), Mexico (sativa) and Columbia (sativa). This strain produces a strong cheese taste with nutty undertones, when consumed people report feeling happy, relaxed, uplifted, Hungry, and uplifted. Our Cheese CBD hemp flower contains a great level of CBD at around 22% while containing a THC content below 0.2% as is required by law.


Cheese CBD hemp flowers produce a strong cheesy taste, with nutty and earthy undertones making it an interesting flavour to consume.


Parent Strain 1: Unknown Skunk #1

Product: Cheese


When trimmed our Cheese CBD hemp flower is firm and dense, while sticky and sparkling with trichomes. All of our flowers are processed by a machine “chopper” in order to break them down into smaller pieces.

Please note: this product does not exceed 0.2% THC content.

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