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The Skywalker CBD Hemp Flower strain hails from a famous cannabis lineage combining the indica marijuana strains Skywalker and OG. But how does a famous marijuana strain become hemp flower that will not get you high? That secret is well kept among breeders.

Skywalker hemp flower shares the terpene profile similar to its marijuana ancestors Skywalker and OG. Its cannabinoid profile is different though, with CBD being the dominant cannabinoid (21.7%) and delta-9-THC less than 0.2%. This CBD hemp flower is very potent in CBD but will not get you high because it does not contain significant levels of THC and complies with EU regulations.

Hailing from iconic Indica cannabis strains like Skywalker and OG, our Skywalker Hemp Flower has a similar profile to the former cannabis strains that instantly boosts mood and serenity, but without the high that comes with high doses of THC. The Skywalker Hemp Flower has a strong kush-like flavor, underpinned with citrus and piney notes. It’s powerfully calming effects provide relaxation, suitable for any time of day.

Please note: This product does not exceed 0.2% THC content.


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