Pop Top 50ml Qnubu California


The Qnubu California Pop Canister is an innovative product designed for the packaging, preservation and dispensing of flowers. This product is available in different capacities and is the safest option for storing flowers. fresh without giving off unpleasant odors.



The design of the Pop Bottle is very practical, since it is enough to press the upper part of the container to open it and return it to close easily, ensuring the conservation of the flowers for a longer time.

Qnubu’s California Safe Pack line offers a variety of packaging products, including vacuum canisters, aluminum bags and lock bags, all of them complying with the most demanding manufacturing and security.

If you are looking for a safe and efficient way to store and dispense your flowers, the Qnubu California Pop Canister is a excellent option that will allow you to enjoy your flowers in a fresh way and without losing their aromas.


  • Easy Opening: Pop System
  • Hermetic Closure: Hermetic closure to prevent the entry of oxygen and the degradation of your flowers
  • Anti-odor: Does not give off odors
  • Moisture resistant
  • BPA-free FDA
  • Suitable for food and pharmaceutical use.


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