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Unearth the sophistication of Super Silver Haze CBD Flower, cultivated in the controlled environments of Europe’s indoor farms. As a descendant of the legendary Super Silver Haze lineage, it offers a distinctive CBD experience. Our European growers meticulously oversee every aspect, from lighting to humidity, resulting in a superb terpene profile and a well-balanced cannabinoid content, with minimal THC.

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Introducing our Super Silver Haze CBD Flower, cultivated with precision and care in the controlled environment of European indoor farms. This exceptional strain, born from the renowned Super Silver Haze lineage, offers a unique and elevated CBD experience. Grown under optimal conditions, our European cultivators ensure every aspect of its growth, from lighting to humidity, is meticulously managed. The result is a CBD-rich flower with an impressive cannabinoid profile and minimal THC content, ensuring a non-psychoactive experience. Super Silver Haze CBD boasts an exquisite terpene profile, with hints of citrus and earthy undertones, providing an aromatic delight. Every batch undergoes rigorous third-party testing, guaranteeing purity and potency. Elevate your CBD journey with the sophistication of Super Silver Haze, and immerse yourself in the essence of Europe’s finest indoor cultivation practices.

THC <0.2%

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